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Recruitment Resources

Find materials and resources to aid in your industry recruitment and retention efforts.

The ICPF Talent Acquisition committee helped to create an industry culture document for use in recruiting and hiring efforts that highlights what our industry stands for and why choosing a job in the corrugated packaging industry really means choosing a rewarding, lifelong career.

As you evaluate organizational tools used to implement and foster positive company culture, we encourage you to reference ICPF’s Industry Culture Document. We invite you to use this overview of the packaging industry’s culture, values, and goals as inspiration for your own culture document, or utilize it as a tool for your own recruitment and onboarding efforts. C

If you are looking for ways to connect with schools in your area and expose the next generation of talent to the corrugated packaging industry, consider sponsoring a Corrugated Boat Race. Through collaboration with the school, you can sponsor an event for students to work in teams to design boats made out of corrugated sheets that will then be put to the test in their high school swimming pool. Watch the event video and access ICPF’s resources for employers to get started.

*The word cardboard is used throughout the slides to bridge the gap of understanding because educators and students most commonly use this phrase when they mean corrugated.

As an additional resource to ensure a successful hiring and onboarding process, the ICPF Talent Acquisition committee helped to create a “New Hire Checklist” for box plant employees. The framework was developed to complement company onboarding playbooks and can be used as a guideline for what should be addressed in phase 1 training of new box plant employees prior to working on a machine.

The resource includes guidance on general training considerations, site-specific and machine-specific training, lockout/tagout training, and lean manufacturing.


If your company is interested in working with ICPF to create a recruitment video and resource to aid your promotion efforts and hiring teams, get in touch with ICPF’s Outreach and Marketing Manager Alex LeMoine at We will work to schedule a plant visit, establish project goals, and begin expanding your recruitment toolbox.