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Our Impact

Co-sponsored by two major international packaging associations: AICC – The Independent Packaging Association and the Fibre Box Association (FBA), the concept of ICPF was initially presented by AICC leader J. Richard Troll in 1985 in an effort to enhance the image of the corrugated industry and, through education and outreach, attract bright, young career-minded people who would contribute to the ongoing creativity and performance of the corrugated packaging industry. Since that time, ICPF has established partnerships with over 25 colleges and universities, placed over $13 million in corrugated equipment and $20 million in design software at educational institutions nationwide, developed online corrugated curricula, established a career portal which has accumulated over 700 resumes of interested and motivated candidates, and much more. Over the years, ICPF’s corporate partners have hired hundreds of student interns, new graduates, and job seekers utilizing the foundation’s tools and resources.

In 2023, ICPF focused on strengthening and expanding its foundational programs and initiatives, while connecting with key stakeholders. Take a look at some of the year’s highlights:

  1. $1,244,624 requested in University Awards program proposals from 10 universities.
  2. Reached over 2,400 unique profiles across ICPF’s expanded social media channels.
  3. Established monthly newsletters to communicate ICPF program updates, career opportunities and hiring strategies to over 600 corporate and university partners.
  4. Visited packaging programs at Michigan State University, University of Wisconsin-Stout, and Indiana State University.
  5. Launched Phase 1 of ICPF’s updated Corrugated Industry Curricula to students and university partners.
  6. Created a Talent Acquisition Committee made up of corporate partner employees who meet on a regular basis to share best practices, needs, and provide input for future ICPF initiatives, programs and projects.

Valuable Partnership Opportunities

In October 2023, ICPF attended the Manufacturing Institute’s second annual Workforce Summit. This national employer-led conference focused on elevating innovative solutions to address key workforce development challenges and opportunities facing modern manufacturing. In response to the industry trends discussed at the summit, ICPF continuously works to promote a variety of workforce solutions to our Corporate Partners. These resources can help counteract labor shortages, increase employee retention, and foster positive company culture in the corrugated packaging industry.

Education & Student Outreach

ICPF has built partnerships with the education community, regularly participating in Packaging Program Council meetings (a council consisting of the nine largest university packaging programs in the country), sending monthly newsletters to University Partners, providing meaningful funding opportunities through the University Awards Program, serving as ambassadors for students at industry events, and providing sponsorships to increase student exposure to the industry. In 2023, ICPF hosted a webinar to share how the industry prioritizes sustainability, and released Phase 1 of an updated Corrugated Industry Curricula to educate students about the industry. In the coming year, the foundation is working to promote that Curricula to establish relationships with trade schools and community colleges.

Caitlin Salaverria

“There are so many individuals dedicated to the corrugated packaging industry, and more specifically, dedicated to growing the industry’s workforce. Together, we will make a difference.”

Caitlin Salaverria, ICPF President