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University Partners

The International Corrugated Packaging Foundation (ICPF) works with colleges and universities across the country to expand corrugated curricula and to promote careers in the corrugated packaging industry. In this regard, over the years ICPF has donated or placed equipment, software and other resources at numerous institutions of higher education.

ICPF regularly participates in Packaging Program Council meetings (a council consisting of the nine largest university packaging programs in the country), sends monthly newsletters to all University Partners, annually provides donations to colleges and universities through our University Awards Program, serves as ambassadors for students at industry events, initiates outreach through visits to schools and school packaging clubs, and provides sponsorships to increase student exposure to the industry. In addition to outreach to packaging programs, ICPF also connects with career services and other relevant academic departments at our partner institutions to make them aware of the many different career paths available within the corrugated packaging industry.

ICPF visits the packaging lab and student ambassadors at Indiana State University.

ICPF Corrugated Packaging Design & Testing Equipment Placements and Curriculum Support Provided to Colleges & Universities