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ICPF Talent Acquisition Committee

In 2023, ICPF assembled a Talent Acquisition Committee made up of high level hiring and talent acquisition representatives from across the corrugated packaging industry. Every six weeks, the committee gathers to provide feedback on ICPF programs and strategic initiatives to support the recruitment and retention process, discuss current challenges, and develop key solutions. Over the past year, the committee has aided in ICPF’s development of several recruitment resources, as well as materials to aid new hires and supplement the onboarding process. An overview of those resources and goals for the committee’s work is below. View the Talent Acquisition Committee Charter here.

If you or a representative from your organization is interested in joining this committee, email Caitlin Salaverria at Please do not hesitate to reach out to ICPF to become a part of this group and expand your talent acquisition efforts.

Strengthen Your Recruitment & Retention Efforts: Register for ICPF’s Free Webinar Opportunity

Calling all plant hiring and HR managers, plant managers and general managers. Looking for your next skilled employee? Trying to ensure your current hires become lifelong employees? The International Corrugated Packaging Foundation (ICPF) can help! 

Join us as we host a webinar Wednesday, July 31, 2024, at 1:00 p.m. CDT on how to “Strengthen Your Recruitment and Retention Efforts.” ICPF will fill you in on who we are, the work we are doing to increase student and youth awareness of careers in the corrugated packaging industry and share information on how you can leverage the free arsenal of resources we’ve developed to fill open positions at your plant. 

Recruitment Resources

The resources below were developed with guidance and input from members of the Talent Acquisition Committee:

The ICPF Talent Acquisition committee helped to create an industry culture document for use in recruiting and hiring efforts that highlights what our industry stands for and why choosing a job in the corrugated packaging industry really means choosing a rewarding, lifelong career.

If you are looking for ways to connect with schools in your area and expose the next generation of talent to the corrugated packaging industry, consider sponsoring a Corrugated Boat Race. Through collaboration with the school, you can sponsor an event for students to work in teams to design boats made out of corrugated sheets that will then be put to the test in their high school swimming pool.

This interactive quiz is designed to help youth ages 12-25 explore the variety of careers in the corrugated packaging industry. Participants answer a few simple questions online and get recommendations for jobs in the corrugated packaging industry that may be a good fit.

The highlight video, premiered by ICPF in Spring 2024, is a great resource to share with students and potential job seekers. “Consider a Future in Corrugated Packaging” encourages youth to consider a career in the corrugated packaging industry, highlighting the many benefits of choosing a #CareerInCorrugated.

Tools for a Successful Onboarding

As an additional resource to ensure a successful hiring and onboarding process, the ICPF Talent Acquisition committee helped to create a “New Hire Checklist” for box plant employees. The framework was developed to complement company onboarding playbooks and can be used as a guideline for what should be addressed in phase 1 training of new box plant employees prior to working on a machine. The resource includes guidance on general training considerations, site-specific and machine-specific training, lockout/tag out training, and lean manufacturing.

The corrugated packaging industry offers diverse and varied job opportunities, all with great advancement potential. During ICPF’s website redesign, the Talent Acquisition Committee provided feedback and shared job descriptions to aid in the development of several pages on our site to help candidates find the career path that suits them best. Due to this work, job seekers can explore a breakdown of the many career paths and job categories corrugated packaging offers. Find this resource at Career Paths in Corrugated Packaging.

Committee Goals / Problems of Practice

Vision: The ICPF Talent Acquisition Committee is designed to identify and improve recruiting practices to attract a talented, motivated, diverse workforce to the corrugated packaging industry.

Mission Statement: The Talent Acquisition Committee will leverage the perspectives of experienced hiring managers across corrugated packaging to elevate the value of ICPF programs and resources through key industry partnerships.

Activities: The activities of the committee will include, but are not limited to:

  • Provide feedback to ICPF during the development of customized resources to aid the recruitment and retention efforts at individual companies.
  • Engage in roundtable discussions to confront current challenges in the industry, share successful strategies, and brainstorm new approaches for a more successful hiring and onboarding process.
  • Share best practices for hiring across a range of roles in the corrugated packaging industry and engage in the following efforts to grow the workforce: