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Join ICPF’s Fantasy Football League

ICPF is excited to announce a new fundraising initiative. Support ICPF’s programs and initiatives while also showing other industry companies you can assemble the best fantasy team with ICPF’s inaugural Fantasy Football League! Winner of the league will be announced at AICC’s 2025 Spring Meeting and will hold bragging rights over all other players for the entirety of the year…until next year’s draft.

Each participating company can sign up multiple teams, with a $2,500 entrance fee per team (plus a 3% processing fee). ICPF will then assemble teams into divisions before the season begins, taking into account your preferred opponents. 

More information including a draft date will be announced closer to the start of the season. Registration closes on Monday, August 19, 2024. Join this friendly competition today and support the corrugated industry. See below for more information about how to enter and play. Questions can be directed to Caitlin Salaverria at

ICPF would like to recognize Andy Schaefer, President and CEO of Five Star Sheets, LLC for his role in spearheading the fundraiser. He and Caitlin Salaverria will act as League Commissioners.

  • Each player/company is asked to pay the $2,500 entry fee to play (plus a 3% processing fee).
  • Payments can be made through the Team Registration Form.
  • Sign up is open until Monday, August 19, 2024.
  • Winner of the league will be announced at AICC’s 2025 Spring Meeting and will hold bragging rights over all other players for the entirety of the year…until next year’s draft.


The top eight teams will advance to the playoffs. Playoffs will be set up based on overall record and points scored per game. The top two teams will get a bye the first week of the playoffs.

The Draft

The draft will be held at a TBD date before the first week of the NFL season. The draft will be conducted by an ICPF team member. Owners will have two minutes to make their selections and all teams will draft a 15-man roster.

  • The goal of your team is to score more points than your weekly opposition by having your starting line-up perform better in their NFL games than your opponents.
  • Offensive
    1. Passing Touchdowns: 4 points
    2. Receiving/Rushing Touchdowns: 6 points
    3. Rushing Yards: 1 point every 10 yards
    4. Receiving Yards: 1 point every 10 yards
    5. Reception: 1 point
    6. Passing Yards: 1 point every 25 yards
    7. Two point conversion: 2 points
    8. Interceptions: -2 points
    9. Fumbles Lost: -2 points
  • Defensive/Special Teams
    1. Interceptions: 2 points
    2. Sacks: 1 point
    3. Touchdown: 6 points
    4. Safety: 2 points
    5. Fumbles Recovered: 2 points
    6. Blocked Kick/Punt: 2 points
    7. Points Allowed
      • 5 points – 0 points allowed
      • 4 points – 1-6 points allowed
      • 3 points – 7-13 points allowed
      • 1 point – 14-17 points allowed
      • -1 points – 28-34 points allowed
      • -3 points – 35-45 points allowed
      • -5 points – 46+ points allowed
  • All ties will be decided according to ESPN league rules.
Weekly Rosters
  • All team rosters must be submitted online as restricted by ESPN Fantasy Football.
  • Each week’s roster should consist of:
    • 1 Quarterback
    • 2 Running Backs
    • 2 Wide Receivers
    • 1 Tight End
    • 1 Flex Position (Wide Receiver, Running Back, or Tight End)
    • 1 Defense
    • 1 Place Kicker
    • 7 Bench Players
    • 1 IR Slot
  • Draft pick trading is on.
  • The trade deadline is Nov 27, 2024 @ 11am CST
  • Trades can be vetoed by league commissioners Caitlin Salaverria and Andy Schaefer via email.

There is no limit to the number of transactions during the regular season.

Waiver Wire

The waiver period will be Wednesday and Sunday morning.